Saturday, 9 February 2013

I've got the power!

Today I discovered that DSE were dumping some somewhat dated tech. Powerline networking has been around for a while, and I have considered putting my toe into the water before. However, the price has been fairly steep for possibly mediocre performance.This particular combination has previously been around AUD $140, even though it's been around a while and is not the highest spec.

Today, however, AUD 69 seemed cheap enough for me to take a punt. The big unknown is the level of noise on the power circuit you use to connect, and thus: how much throughput do you really get?  A theoretical maximum of 200Mbps (100 Mbps full duplex) is all well and good, but realistic figures are normally about a quarter of the maximum, from user experiences I have read.

Although I have yet to benchmark the performance, initial results seem to be comparable with the fast ethernet I have used hitherto between the MythTV PC in the lounge and the broadband router in the dining/family room.

Although there is a built in switch, the bandwidth throttling of all but the number 1 port (dark green in the pic) is unattractive to me.  So I link that fast port into another small 5-port switch, so that both my network tuner and my MythTV box have the best possible connection to the rest of the network.

Of course, almost all the use of the tuner is by the MythTV box, and hence it will rarely be pumped along the powerline networking.

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