Sunday, 28 October 2012

The new audio wave: Pure One mini DAB+ radio

Brisbane was (possibly one of) the first markets in Australia for the roll-out of DAB+ - digital radio.  Whilst some digital radio is receivable by DVB-T set-top-boxes, DAB+ is not.

In February 2010, having heard the advertising on the local stations whilst commuting, I had some spare pocket-change and lashed out on a (relatively simple but far from cheap) digital radio.

As well as DAB+ it also has a tuner for FM, as is common.  This one has audio jacks for headphone / line out, and line in.

The indoor performance is not fabulous, and being digital it either works or doesn't.  Start the microwave oven and it can just cut out.  Ditto for any electric motors nearby.

However the variety of specialist stations (more than 30) is great:
  • Having been a teenager in the 1980s, I particularly enjoy the 97.3 80's station.  (97.3 refers to the FM frequency of the station that broadcasts 3 different digital channels).
  • 4KQ Plus used to have a pattern of playing one artist's repertoire for a week, or a month, on repeat.  Great if you enjoyed the artist, not so good if you didn't.
  • ABC Grandstand gives live sport commentary when the main radio stations are presenting other things.

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