Sunday, 28 October 2012

Still a CRT-TV - Sony WEGA 28 inch widescreen

Sometime around the end of 2005 I spied this TV on sale. Having made do with a 12 inch TV with no remote and no inputs save RF/Antenna since 1991, a model with somewhat better capacity was attractive.

Since Plasma and LED flat-panels were - already then - all that anyone wanted to buy, this was being dumped. Down from an original price approaching AUD 2000, it went for about one third of that, or maybe a little less.

Of course, 7 years on, you can hardly give them away.  A brief google search showed me that someone sold one for NZD 25 (less than AUD 20) last month.

It is, however, a fantastic bit of kit.  Yes, it's very deep (being a CRT).  No HDMI, of course, but component analog video for DVD connection, 4 analog inputs (3 at back, one behind the front fold-down flap), 2 of which also offered S-video as an option (1 front, 1 back).  1 analog output (great for driving infrared headphones), and direct speaker input, allowing the TV to play the centre channel in a 5.1 or 7.1 audio installation.

The sharp-eyed will note that there is no antenna connected. Of course, there is only an analog tuner built in.  It's a been a long while since we watched any analog TV!

Juggling multiple devices does, of course, mean a universal remote control is desirable to prevent juggling of remotes. Watch this space for more on that.

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