Sunday, 28 October 2012

One remote to control them all: Logitech Harmony 525

As promised in my post on my television, here is the universal remote control I've been using for at least the last 6 years.  More recent models have fancy colour touchscreens, but are limited to a few activities and fewer devices.  I have had as many as 10 different devices and 10 activities configured with mine.

Want to watch digital TV using a digital set-top-box or PVR tuner? One remote, properly configured, sets it all up, sending the volume IR codes for the TV and the channel IR codes for the tuner device.  Again, watching a DVD, sending the audio through a surround amp, or whatever.

Some less obvious (but very helpful) uses have been:
  • Controlling one of my laptops that came with an IR interface - I've used this for presentations (aka PowerPoint, but using OpenOffice (now LibreOffice) Impress).  I've also found it great when sick in bed and using the laptop to play DVDs
  • Controlling Air conditioning - both the split system type that have ubiquitous remote controls, but also the portable, hook-up-to-the window type.
The backlit keys (a function called "Glow") are great in a dark room.

Some of the keys that have seen a lot of use (e.g. the coloured red/green/yellow/blue function buttons) are now a little bit hard to distinguish. Other than that, it still works perfectly, and every time I add a gadget, or change configurations, it's very little trouble to reconfigure the remote.  Highly recommend!

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